The long tropical afternoons and sultry nights call for fruit driven icy drinks, cocktails, bubbles, beer and wine. 

Cocktails at Nu Nu are hand crafted using the juice of gently pressed ripe tropical fruits, premium spirits and liqueurs, freshly torn herbs and plenty of ice. 

The wine & beverage list is a reflection of our commitment to serving quality, well priced, unique and distinct beverages. It offers carefully considered and appropriate wines from our shores and afar that both complement, and enhance the Nu Nu dining experience.

Nu Nu Cocktails
Chicky chicky chow chow
Pressed fresh watermelon and mint leaves, shaken with citrus vodka and cranberry, a little sweetener, served tall over crushed ice. 14.5

Music and fashion were always the passion
The exotic flavour of brazilian cachaca shaken with lemoncello, freshly squeezed lime and a hint of sugar, sipped through a salt crusted glass rewards your tastebuds with silky smooth sweet and sour flavours. 16.5

Made the way it should be with fresh lime and palm sugar, muddled with a generous amount of vodka combined and served up to your liking sweet or sour. 15

Smashing fresh lime and palm sugar, simply adding your choice of cachaca makes for an awesome exotic explosion.                                                                               
pitu 15     
novo fogo silver 18
novo fogo barrel aged 20

Vanilla ginger mojito
The gentle press of vanilla sugars, ginger slices and mint leaves with the muddle of a whole lime only requires the blend of vanilla infused mount  uncle distillery platinum rum to bring it to life. 17

Passionfruit sour
Canadian club whiskey, absolut vanilla vodka shaken with our passionfruit syrup, lemon and egg white. 17.5

1800 Tequila anejo, cointreau & fresh lime. Olé! 18.5
Nu Nu iced tea
Served tall using premium pours of bombay sapphire, absolute citron, 10 cane white rum, cachaca and cointreau, finished with a large squeeze of lime and served with coke on the side. 18

Seasonal sorbet martini
Chilled grey goose vodka shaken with our house made sorbet, served in a chilled martini glass with a scoop of fresh sorbet. 18

Best of both worlds – stirring up aged rum, cointreau, coconut water and fresh pineapple, served tall on crushed ice. 15

Hey missy mo
Bombay sapphire gin and campari shaken with fresh ruby red grapefruit, lime and egg white. Served on a snow ball of crushed ice. Dry and oh so fresh. 18    

Summer breeze
Hold on people, mix some bacardi and lemoncello with fresh lime, lychees and ruby grapefruit juice, then – shake shake shake – and that’s your summer breeze. 16
An icy build of hendricks gin, campari & antica formula vermouth, with fresh squeezed ruby grapefruit juice & aussie grapefruit bitters. 16