Breakfast Menu
Our food is a reflection of the vibrant, colourful and dramatic landscape that is tropical North Queensland.

Morning Basics
Toasted Nu Nu sourdough*, house made jams and preserves 9
Our toasted muesli, rainforest honey, Mungalli organic yoghurt & milk 9
Spiced pineapple & coconut cream soaked muesli, Daintree vanilla, mango, seasonal fruits & toasted coconut 12
The best fruit we can possibly source 16

*our delicious artisanal bread is made twice daily on premises from a combination of old and new dough, using organic stoneground flour. The starter dough (biga) was born in 2000 and continues to thrive to this day.

Good Morning
Baked egg tagine with chorizo, couscous, ricotta & lemon 19
North queensland mud crab omelette, greens, ginger caramel
& white pepper broth 28
Manuka smoked ora king salmon, a poached egg, salmon pearls,
soft herbs & wattleseed blini 20
Sichuan fried pork rice with tofu, shiitake & pickled egg 22
Sesame scrambled eggs, confit tuna, seaweed, bonito & miso caramel 24
Cider donuts with cinnamon sugar & passionfruit curd 14
Coconut & banana hotcakes, coconut sugar caramel & coconut sorbet 17
Candied grape & ricotta crepes with grilled lemon 15
Brioche & butter pudding, spiced coconut custard, ginger caramel
& mango ice cream 18

Usual Suspects
Stockmans free range eggs (2) 6
Hot buttered Nu Nu sourdough toast 5
Crispy “american style” bacon 6
Roast tomatoes with lemon thyme 5
Chorizo 6
House cured belly bacon 7
Half an avocado 5
Braised upper barron mushrooms 8
A BIT of everything! 29

Condiments; tomato kasoundi, chilli jam, aioli 3each


Sweets & Treats
Panforte 5
Velvet crumbles 5
Coconut candy 5
Brownie 5